France against Hungary for the 9th place

Exhausted Italy didn't have enough strenght to fight against strong French team

In the second match of the Cross Matches 9-12, played today in Sports Hall Fran Galovic, France beat Italy with the result 30:23.

Right from the start, France has the control of the game. In the first 15 minutes they had a three-goal lead and by the halftime they were able to increase that advantage to five goals. Italy came back from the break stronger than they were in the first half and in less than ten minutes were only three goals behind. After that, France got back its rhythym and calmly brought the game to an end. The end result was 30:23.

French head coach Eric Quintin:” It was a hard win for us against a very good team. Italy’s defense was a problem to us which was a surprise because we didn’t expect them to play that well defensively. Tomorrow we have a match against another strong team that is Hungary. There defense is similar to Italy’s so it’s going to be hard for us.”

French Player of the match was Lou Derisbourg: “It was a good match from all of the team, in the defense and the attack. We are focusing on the next match to end the competition with a good position.”

Itay’s head coach Boris Popovic: “We don’t have a lot of players that we can rotate and we are really exhausted after fighting hard in the group phase to stay in the A division. We were simply too tired and deconcentrated and we lost a lot of balls, something we usually don’t do. Tomorrow we have a game against Norway and we’re going to try our best.”

Thomas Bortoli, Italy’s best player: “It was a very difficult match against a very good team. They probably watched are matches and knew our tactics. Now we want to win against Norway to close this tournament with a win.”

In the Placement Matches 9-12, France will face Hungary and Italy is going to play against Norway.

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