Hungary ends the tournament with fifth consecutive win

With this win, Hungary secured the 9th place at the Men's 19 EHF EURO 2021

The last match of the Men’s 19 EHF EURO 2021 in Koprivnica, ended with a clash between Hungary and France.

Both teams had good opening minutes of the match with neither team making a significant advantage. That started to change around 15th minute when Hungary scored a series of goal and made a four-goal lead. They were able to keep up with that tempo until the end of the halftime. After the break, Hungary didn’t slow down but instead increased the tempo and made a seven-goal advantage. Despite their best effort, France was having a hard time keeping up. Hungarian dominance continued until the end of the game which ended 35:25.

Hungarian lead coach Krisztian Karpati: “Coming into this tournament, the goal was to play among the best teams. We were unable to reach the top 8 because of a small differences. Overall, I’m very proud of my team because out of seven matches, we won five. We are going to try achieve a better result next year.”

Hungarian Player of the match was Gergö Fazekas: “In the beginning of this championship, we were unfortunate in losing the two most important games that prevented us from going to the Main round. But I’m happy that we could win the last five games of the tournament with a significant score difference.

Eric Quintin, French head coach, had this to say: “This was maybe the first time of my life that my team lost with such a significant goal difference. I’m not too disappointed because this is the end of the adventure with my players and I just want to remember the good things. Everyone was so welcoming here, the organization was great and overall, it was a great experience for all of us.”

France’s best player was Mattéo Fadhuile-Crepy: “First of all, I’m disappointed because we are ending the tournament with a loss. We have to work hard to come better next year.”

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