Norway takes the 11th place

Italy achived there goal to stay in the A divison despite ending this tournament with a loss

In the match for the 11th place, played today in Sports Hall Fran Galovic Koprivnica, Norway defeated exhausted Italy.

Norway opened the game with a 4-0 series and looked dominant against tired Italy. As the time went on, Norwegian advantage kept growing. The result at the halftime was 16:8. After the break, the match continued in the same rhythm. Norway was better in every aspect of the game and didn’t give Italy a chance to come back. The end result was 31:24.

Norway’s head coach Johnny Jensen: “Today I was very happy with how we played, we did everything we planned to do and scored goals when we had the chances. Our goal coming here was to end among top 8 but we didn’t do enough to achieve that. Overall, this is a great experience and we’re happy to end it with a win.”

Aleksander Høiness, Norway’s best player: “Throughout the whole tournament, the whole team as well as me, had a lot of ups and downs. Some games we played really good and some really bad but overall, it was a great experience.”

Italy’s head coach Boris Popovic stated that Italy achieved its goal: “We’re happy because we managed to remain in the A division which was our goal. In the last two games, we were not mentally strong enough which resulted in these two losses.”

“Our goal at the start of this tournament was to remain in the A division because this is our first participation in the EHF Euro of the A division, so we are happy to achieve that. We’re a bit sad because we lost the last two matches but the next year we get to come back and that’s important.” – Gabriele Sontachi, Italy’s best player.

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