Germany is the winner of M19 EHF EURO 2021!

Match result: 20 - 34

Last match, and the fight for golden medal and the first place of the M19 EHF EURO 2021 in Varaždin ended in Germany winning with the result 20 – 34

Taking the lead from the beginning, Germany stayed consistent until the end of the first half and resumed their strong game in the second half.

Klaus-Dieter Petersen, Head Coach from team Germany commented:

“This was a fantastic game, we played very good defense, we made a good use of our players and everyone contributed to this victory! This was amazing!”

Golden Player of the Match, Justus Fischer also said:

“I’m honestly speechless. Without my team I would have never become this, and would have never won the gold. I am very thankful for our fans and everyone supporting us! This is giving me the motivation to play better in the future”

Being so close to gold but ending up in the second place is never easy. Croatian Head Coach said:

“We did our best today but we couldn’t make it. Germany was better at handball today in every way. We can be proud of our guys today, we left behind some major handball forces, we can’t be anything but proud. This is a really big result for Croatian handball and I only hope it will be even better in the future.

While Player of the Match from team Croatia, Matej Mandić added:

“Of course it would have been better to win the gold but this was a really good experience and I would like to congratulate everyone and thank everyone who supported us”

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