Spain wins the Bronze!

Match result: 28 - 37

Varaždin Arena witnessed an intense fight for the bronze between Slovenia and Spain. Both teams started the first half equal, with the score staying a tie for the most of the half time. By the end of the first half, Spain took the lead and ended the first half with the score 13 – 17.

In the second half, Spain dominantly took the lead which resulted in 28 – 37 and a bronze medal for team Spain!

Javier Fernandez, Spanish Head Coach:

“I feel really good after this game, excited, much less nervous. Players played an amazing match, my thoughts are with everyone that supported us, our families, players that couldn’t be here, with everyone who believed in our team. I am very proud of the team”

Arnau Fernandez explained how it felt being the Player of the Match and win the medal:

“The best description of what I feel like is: “Ufff!!” haha, I am extremely proud of my team mates, we fought, gave our all, it feels amazing to leave this competition with a medal!”

Slovenian Head Coach, Saša Prapotnik explained:

“Spain was a better team today, we are satisfied with what we did. I hope that at the next championship we will be in the top four again but placed a bit higher. These guys are definitely the future of Slovenian handball and I look forward to seeing them play in the future”

And Andraž Makuz, Player of the Match talked about his team:

“It’s hard to talk about the game right now, so fast after it happened. We gave 120% in this game but we just didn’t have luck. We had few sure shots that we missed and it costed us.”

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