Sweden seventh against Iceland

Match result: 26 - 24

Sweden and Iceland opened the last day of M19 EHF EURO 2021 in Varaždin.

In a fight for the 7th place, Sweden stayed in the lead for the most of first half time, but Iceland managed to catch up at the very end of the half time which ended with a 11 – 11 tie. Second half started with Iceland taking the lead but both teams stayed close in goal difference. In the end, Sweden won with the score 26 – 24

Jesper Ostlund, Sweden Head Coach reflected on the competition and the future of the team:

“We had a lot players injured today and it was tough to play the seventh game in ten days so the guys are doing awesome regarding all. I think there will be many players that will go professional and I am excited to follow them and watch them develop”

Felix Moller, second time awarded Player of the Match title said:

“This felt great, both finishing this with a victory and being the player of the match for the second time. Unfortunately we lost against Denmark, but it felt good winning this one”

Iceland Head Coach, Heimir Rikardsson commented on the match and his team:

“Both our defense and attack were not really good today. We didn’t start the game on time, and we couldn’t catch up. This will be a really strong team in the future, they are missing few players but they will be really good team”

While Gunnar Oskarsson, who also won Player of the Match for team Iceland for the second time added:

“Getting this tittle is fine, but we lost the important game so it doesn’t really matter a lot. I thought we will catch up and win this game but they were really good, I don’t know what happened”

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